5 Best call recording apps

5 Best call recording apps

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It’s hard to find a suitable application among dozens of Android call recorders on the market. So, we prepared a list of 5 best applications that have unique features that may come in handy.


#1 Record Talk

One of the latest additions to the call recorders market. The Record Talk call recording app stores all recordings on your device, and even allows you to encrypt files, so your sensitive information will be safe. Also, as your device memory is used, there is no limit on storage.

You won’t see any annoying ads in the app. However, it is not free – after 3-days trial, you’ll have to pay a monthly subscription fee (which is pretty low, by the way).

In fact, the only limitation is that your carrier has to support conference calls in order for the app to work.

#2 Automatic Call Recorder by RSA

This application clearly stands out among the competitions in terms of audio quality. Unlike most other apps, there are little to no complaints about it.

In addition to automatic recording, the possibility to exclude certain contacts from recording and file sharing, the app allows you to protect especially sensitive recordings with separate passwords.

But at the same time, you should be ready to deal with lots of annoying ads within the app.

#3 Truecaller

Truecaller is not just a call recorder – it’s a fairly unique app, that not only records calls, but allows you to ID and sort people that call you.

As far as call recorders go. Truecaller is bog-standard, with all the typical features, including automatic and manual recording and contact management. But if you pay a monthly subscription fee, you’ll get a lot of neat features, like detecting spam-calls.

However, keep in mind, that the app is not compatible with all Android smartphones. So use a 14-days trial to test it.

#4 Android Call Recorder by RMC

Android Call Recorder by RMC is quite a flexible app – you can set it up either as an automatic call recorder or as a manual one – in this case, it will only record calls after you tap the app icon.

Also. on top of the usual features, not only you can enable or disable recordings for chosen contacts, you can also mark some contacts as “important”, so their calls will be saved in a separate folder.

But, despite all the good things. the app has a glaring weakness – you have to keep speakers on for it to work.

#5 Call Recorder S9

Call Recorder S9 addresses one of the key issues of most Android call recorders – audio quality. It doesn’t force you to use default parameters – you can choose whatever audio quality you want. After all, recordings are saved on your device, so if the file becomes too large – it’s all on you.

Other than that, the app has a standard array of features: file-sharing, auto-recording, the ability to enable or disable recording for certain contacts, and so on. But you should check whether it works on your smartphone – the list of supported models is somewhat limited.

By RocketCROLab