How To Download And Use iMessage On Windows PC Laptop

How To Download And Use iMessage On Windows PC Laptop

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IMessage is an instant messaging program developed by Apple. It’s available for iOS devices only you can easily use this messaging program on your iOS apparatus at no cost. As everybody knows and agree that Apple’s messaging is popular and amazing service for iOS users. These days iMessage for windows is one of the most queried subject of the internet. In this article you will learn top tricks and tricks to download and use the iMessage on your windows PC or laptop. You can checkout this complete article and follow the steps to use the iMessage On Windows PC.

IMessage is an wonderful messaging program for iOS and MAC users. It permits you to send free SMS to your friends and family. You need to follow few simple steps and it permits you to utilize iMessage on windows PC. You can also add all your notifications on the very best on your device. In this article it is possible to get complete and working step by step guide on how best to use iMessage on your windows to send text, photographs, and video messages to your buddies. Most of my friends who use Windows crave to use iMessaging. So today we prepared the tutorial on how to Download And Use iMessage On PC .

Method 1: Download and install iMessage app on windows using emulator

IMessage is an app that’s created by Apple for iOS device but you can easily use this program on your windows PC using an iOS emulator on your PC. If you want to download and install the iMessage on windows PC you need to follow these simple steps given below.

  • First of all you have to download iPadian emulator app on your windows PC.
  • iPadian is an emulator which allows you to download and install any of your favorite iOS app on your windows PC.
  • After download iPadian now you have to double click on downloaded file to install it.
  • Follow the instructions and click on next.
  • At last you have to click on finish. Now iPadian iOS emulator has successfully install on your windows PC.
  • Now click on the iPadian icon to launch and open iPadian on your windows PC.
  • Next you have to search for iMessage in the search bar. It takes few times to search online so wait for it.
  • Once you got iMessage app click on download and install. Installation process may takes few time so you have to wait for it.
  • Finally you have successfully download and install the iMessage app on windows PC. Use it to send and receive message, photos, videos and others to your friends and family.


Method 2: Download iMessage app on windows PC using Chrome remote Desktop

Step #1. Make sure you have a Mac with iMessage and PC with Windows.

Step #2. Now, download Chrome and Chrome Remote Desktop on both of your computers.

Step #3. Once installed, click on launch app.

Step #4. On Your Mac Download Chrome Remote Desktop Host Installer.

Step #5. Once it downloaded, install the same on your Mac.

Note: Chrome Remote Desktop lets you access another computer via Chrome browser or Chromebook. Besides, you can easily access your apps and files securely.

Step #6. Use the code to connect both the computers. Then, get started.

Enjoy iMessage on your windows computer.

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