How To Change The Content Settings Com.Android.Browser.Home?

How To Change The Content Settings Com.Android.Browser.Home?

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com. Android.browser.home is a code or link used to establish the default home pages in browsers. For sure, you have noticed that all mobile phones come with a default browser and home page.

You use the internet every day and can access it from different devices, and all mobile phones have a web browser in common. Do you want to configure the content syntax and know what com. Android.browser.home is for? Do you want to set a home page and change the default? You are in the right place.

What is com. Android.browser.home?

The name that the package receives to establish the home page that comes by default on Android devices. There are different browsers such as Google Chrome, Opera, Firefox, etc. It is a link used to import the functions that allow you to configure the browser’s home page by default.

If you decide to install any other browser on your mobile phone, you can access this code or link, making it the default home page.

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Often, users do not want to have the same home page in another browser, and it automatically makes it the default home page.

Why is a home page necessary?

One of the main reasons is that you don’t need to open the search option to search for one. The home page of a browser is the search engine that makes the process easy for you.

What is content: // /?

As mentioned above, it is a link or code to set or set a web page as the default on your device.

Each of the browsers has a default home page that is stored in content: //com. Android.browser.home/. For the convenience of users, these browsers allow you to customize the home pages. But you should know that each browser has a different method to establish this home page.

To help you understand the topic, you can divide it into different components. First, content: //allows you to share content on the same platform or different platforms. Then there is, which is the name of the link or package.

Home refers to the application on the device, and home refers to the component that allows access to the home page.

From your device settings, you can edit and change the home page. Using the data from the URL, the browser will open the home page; for example, if you browse Facebook or Instagram and click on an ad, you will see how the web page opens in your default browser. When you use iPhone, it will be Safari, and if you use Android, it can be Chrome.

Why should the content: // / be changed?

Modern mobile devices come with pre-installed web browsers and can display websites. Some companies can use this option for their benefit and to be able to show ads. There are companies like Redmi and Mi that are known for running ads on the operating system.

It is an option that allows you to earn more money without having the consent of the users. These ads are usually very annoying, and most users hate them. To help users enter content: //com. Android.browser.home/, which allows you to change the home page that has ads.

There is an additional term known as a Uniform Resource Identifier (URI). It is the default home page, and each time you access your browser, the URI or web page will open. If you want to change the default web page, you must also change the URI in the configuration.

What is content: //

Currently, there are many syntax for the web browser of Android devices such as:

  • Content: // / index
  • Content: // /
  • Content: // / bookmarks
  • Content: // / google
  • Content: // / index-google search
  • Content: // / youtube
  • Content: // / most_visit
  • Content: // / facebook

With this information, you should already know the syntax and functionality it provides to users and the browser. On the other hand, in URI, the word index represents the indexing of the browser.

In turn, indexing is what server administrators use and allows you to index and search documents.

You should know that Index is a word used by the databases of various search engines such as Bing and Google. If a web page is not found in the search engine index, visitors or users cannot access that website.

The Index is not a useful tool for users unless you have a server and don’t know about the Index.

How to change the home page of the browser?

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 Method 1

  • It should open the Google browser application naturally.
  • In the upper right half of the screen, you must press the menu button and the accessible part.
  • Then, you should click on “Settings” and go to the submenu continuously; you can also find the option “Android browser settings.”
  • If you have found the option, you must adjust it.
  • Then, open the general settings.
  • Click the home page button.
  • You must enter the URL and select or set the default home page.


Method 2

  • You should open the tab that you have set as your default internet browser.
  • In the upper right corner, you will see a menu option with three dots; you must touch it to access the settings.
  • Then, an image will appear in the drop-down menu.
  • In this menu, you will see the option to “Set the home page.”
  • On the landing page, you must touch the configuration option and be asked to enter the URL.
  • You must enter the site URL of your preferred page.
  • It will be ready to access whenever you want.


Method 3

  • You should open your default internet browser and then visit your landing page on the site you want to use.
  • Click the menu button
  • You will see an option called “Spare bookmarks on the URL page,” if you use the Chrome browser, you must press the star symbol found in the location bar.
  • Press the menu button again and then browse the available markers.
  • You then need to press and hold the history page or bookmark.
  • A menu will appear where a way to set as the landing page will be incorporated.

How to remove /?

In the past, you have seen that the browser’s home page can be a bit annoying at times. As mentioned above, com. Android.browser.home is the default URL on Android devices.

Often, the interface is not good, and users are not interested in having a home page. If you want to delete com. Android.browser.home as your landing page, you should follow these steps:

  • You need to start the default program and select settings from the menu, then you need to click the menu option.
  • Click on General and select “Home Page.”
  • You must write to the URL or the search engine of your choice to make it your home page.
  • Select the save button.

The five best Android browsers

Google Chrome

All Android smartphones come with Google Chrome pre-installed. It is considered the best browser currently on the market, and it is also free. It does not have security problems because it comes from a recognized brand such as Google.

Set up a home page in Google Chrome

When you open a web page, it will open in Google Chrome, do the following:

  1. You need to open Google Chrome on your phone and then open “Settings.”
  2. On the left side of the screen, find “Appearance” and click.
  3. You must look for the button “Show start” to enable it to click on it.
  4. Select “Enter custom web address,” in this step, you must enter your landing page URL.


In Firefox, there are two important programs which are the standard Firefox and Firefox Focus. The former includes most great things like unwavering read mode, inter-stage sync, and a follow-through guarantee. The second is a highly secure program with good security features.

Set up a home page in Mozilla

You will find this browser in different operating systems. If you want to configure the Mozilla browser as your landing page, you must follow the following steps:

  1. You must open the browser on your mobile device
  2. Select the three points and then tap “Settings.”
  3. Go to “Home Page” and select “Set a Home Page”
  4. Select “custom” and then enter the URL of your web page
  5. When you complete all the steps, you must close the browser and open it again to see the default page.

Opera browser

You can find some Opera programs on Android, and they are very good. One of the programs is the standard Opera browser that features video pressure, a news dashboard, and an advertising square. Opera Mini is another alternative that you can choose, and it is light and small. There is also Opera Touch with certain highlights; any of them have their beta form.

Set up a home page in Opera

  1. You must open the browser on your mobile device.
  2. At the bottom right of the screen, you should look for the “Settings icon.”
  3. From the home page, you can disable the news. You should disable it at this point because it can get you into trouble later.
  4. In addition to the news, in the browser from the configuration option, you must deactivate the “trends.”
  5. Open the home page and also remove the “quick search sites.”
  6. Copy the web page URL and then press the “+” button in Opera. Add the URL in the section and then click “OK.” This step sets the web page as your default landing page.
  7. Save your settings, and then open the browser’s home page so you can see if it has changed.

Microsoft Edge

On portable devices, Microsoft Edge is one of the best and has a light syncing method. It works perfectly with Microsoft Launcher and Windows 10.

Set up a Microsoft Edge page

  1. Open the default Android browser
  2. In the address bar, you must write content: //com. Android.browser.home/Set
  3. In the settings menu, you must select “change the default home page” in Microsoft Edge

Dolphin Browser

It is a browser that has managed to be noticed on Android. It has many highlights.

Set up a page in Safari

Note that if you use a Mac, you must go to “General Preferences” in the Safari browser.

  1. You should open the safari browser and click on “Preferences.”
  2. Find and open “General.”
  3. Enter the URL on the home page of the web page that you want to make your landing page.

Change the default home page: Any browser

Different browsers have a similar design. If you are using another browser, you can also change the default home page. Follow the steps below for Android phones:

  • You must open settings.
  • You need to find and open “Applications or Application Manager.”
  • Touch the three dots at the top of the screen and press “Default application.”
  • You must select the browser you are using or want to change
  • Enter the URL of the web page of your choice, and you’re done.

How to remove content: //

If you want to delete content: // you must follow the following steps:

  1. Open the default browser on your Android device.
  2. Go to the browser menu.
  3. Search for “settings.”
  4. Select the “general” option.
  5. Choose the home page of your choice.
  6. Fill in the URL of the home page of your choice; you can add search engines.
  7. Click on “Save.”