YesMovies alternatives 2019

YesMovies alternatives 2019

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YesMovies is a popular online site that people use to watch content. It offers many features, like downloading and viewing the content later. There are videos of different categories so everyone will get something of interest on this online site.

The content is on the website for free. You can choose from a plethora of options ranging from online series to movies. You can also watch your favourite TV show on this site. YesMovies is a popular option for those who like to de-stress themselves by watching videos online. However, the only problems with this site are that even though it is highly in demand, it has limited use because of its geographical restrictions. Also, some non-affiliated parties offer videos on this site. The above reasons make people look for alternatives to yes movie. Here are some options that you can try to entertain yourself.

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1. Fmovies

Fmovies - Alternative to YesMovies, yes movie, free movies and TV shows

Fmovies – Alternative to YesMovies, yes movie, free movies and TV shows

Fmovies is an exciting alternative to YesMovies. The interface is user-friendly, and you can use the search box on the home page to look for what you want. There is much content on the 01fmovies website, which is sure to spoil you for choice. The quality of the videos on this site is better than that of some of the other popular online video viewing sites. There are many genres, and the list is vast. Rest assured that if you like to watch movies, then using the 01fmovies site will make sure that you will not miss any movie. It is because the 01fmovies update its contents regularly and it has almost everything that you would even want to watch.

Users can switch to a country-specific content as well on this site. It makes it highly accessible because you get to see what you want to see. You get to check the latest release on the site. The 01fmovies website does not store any content, and everything that you see is from third party sites. You need to subscribe to the 01fmovies website to get the notifications. The user can choose from the top watched list. You can also give your feedback on the site, the feature is impressive, and the best part about watching content on 01fmovies is that the ads are limited. It makes sure that you do not miss out on some fantastic quality viewing when you subscribe to fmovies. Fmovies is a bit similar to other  provider FirestoneTv.

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2. Solarmovie1



Solarmovie1 is an excellent substitute to yes movies. The video features are similar to yes movies, but the home page is what pulls your attention to it. The site is user-friendly, and the content library is enormous. The search box on the website is useful because all that you need to do is to type what you want on the search box and the content automatically gets displayed.

The site offers videos of a broad genre, and this lets you choose from varied categories of your choices. There is action, war, romance, drama or anything that you would like to view online.

Many other websites offer online video viewing services, but Solarmovie1 does stand above the other alternatives. It is because of the year’s selection feature that it provides. The features let the users scroll for videos as per their nationality. They also select by when the video got added. The content on this site is not just related to movies. There are free movies and TV shows, and the viewers can also select to watch videos from the IMDB list. There is also a section that lists the most-watched videos on Solarmovie1, so you know what is popular and what others are watching. You may also subscribe to Solarmovie1 to enhance your viewing experience on this site.

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StreamCr - YesMovies alternative

StreamCr – YesMovies alternative

If you are movie buff, then you cannot go wrong if you subscribe to StreamCR. The site is free to use, and you can watch what you want and even download the content for free to view it later. The home page of the site has many videos, and you will be able to see around fifteen videos on the home page of StreamCR itself. It could be useful because the video categories on the home page are also from different genres.

Along with the home page videos, you can view some specific content on the search box on the tip. The site gives user suggestions about the videos that you may like to watch. The suggestion will mostly be on the new releases, and the recommendations are given based on your past viewing record. However take care that the latest movies may not all be of high video quality, especially the new release. They may be CAM prints, so in that case, you may avoid these movies for the time being.

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The videos get listed in clear categories that make it easy for the user to choose what he wants to watch. There is a list of the latest movies where the user can check the recent releases. The next section has the TV series release. Also, viewers do not need to worry about ads when they are watching content on the StreamCR. The site shows very fewer ads, and this is also one primary reason why many like to view content on StreamCR. You can also be a part of the discussion group when you sign up on the StreamCR. It lets you meet people who like to watch similar videos like you and then you can virtually talk to them about the videos and also get recommendations about what next to watch.


The above are the top three lists in the recommendations for alternatives to YesMovies. There are other sites like fmovies, Putlocker, and These sites are a great alternative to watching YesMovies. The collection is humongous, and the quality of content is the trademark of these websites. The user is sure to get everything of interest on these sites. Which among these sites to subscribe to is again an independent decision? It is because your choice may be different from others.

So make sure that you check out all of them to see which online video sites offer content that you may be more inclined to watch.