Top 7 Two Player Games Apps For Android & iOS

Top 7 Two Player Games Apps For Android & iOS

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Gaming has always been one of the best recreational activities. In your free time, when you need to engage yourself in something, games are one of the most fun options to pick. Traditionally, we used to have a lot of board games as our favorite pastime. But in this era of digitization, there is no need to carry board, dice, or pieces. Your smartphone is more than enough to get you a lot of games in your hand.

Games are said to have a positive impact on human psychology. Playing games can stimulate your brain to function better. And when you have your friend or siblings involved in it, this strengthens your bond as well.


It is an old saying, two is a company, but three is a crowd. Although you can still play games if you have a big group of friends, if you have just a few close friends, then here are our Top 2-player games available on Android and iOS –

  1. Red Hands

    Red Hands is a pretty cool game. You need to slap your friend’s hand till it gets Red! Sounds painful? Well, don’t worry. You’re not doing that in reality! The game is simple and compact. It doesn’t require any high-end processor or RAM. Also, it free of both the platforms, viz., Android, and iOS. However, you can pay about $2 if you’re looking for an ad-free experience.

    How to play –

    Both the players have to stand on opposite sides of the device facing each other. For every round, one will be the attacker and the other will be the defender. The roles will interchange after every round. The attacker will slap the defender’s hand by touching the device. And the defender will have to pull it back in time to save himself. The first player to score 10 points will be the winner.

    This game is pretty easy to understand and play. It is suited for all age groups. Red hands can be played just to have fun. There isn’t any strategy or planning involved. It just challenges your reflexes and motor skills.

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  2. Glow Hockey

    Glow Hockey is a free gaming app on both platforms. It is a very light-weighing app. You don’t need high device specifications to run this one. You get smooth and colourful neon graphics. 2 players can play Glow Hockey on the same smartphone.

    It has an AI mode, so you can play it alone as well. The game is divided into four difficulty levels, from easy to insane. Glow Hockey also has a championship mode and unlimited AI levels! You can pick from 4 available paddles and sticks to play with. You can also choose from 3 themes of the game. Every theme will give different coloured graphics.

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  3. Pen Fight

    Pen Fight was a legendary game in our childhood. This was the most popular game in our schools. But if you haven’t heard about this earlier, then here are the rules. It is a simple game in which two players will attack each other’s pen by their pen, one at a time. The one who manages to knock the opponent’s pen off the table wins. As kids, this game used to turn our class desks into battlegrounds and our pens into swords.

    Pen Fight is available as a free app on Google Play store. It has an AI opponent as well as multiplayer options. Your friend will need to connect with his smartphone to play in with you. You can connect with your friends through the internet, or even through Wi-Fi Hotspots. Pen Fight is only available for Android Users.

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  4. Funny Archers – 2 Player Games

    Funny Archers is one of the best archery games for iOS users. You get bow and arrows to shoot at your opponent in the game. The game can be played by 2 players or even alone. It is a free app, but the ad-free version will cost you about $3.

    It is very easy to play. All you need to do is pull the string of your by touching the screen and target your enemies. Your enemies will include magic, tanker, archer, etc. Practice and learn to hit the target perfectly. You can use a few upgrades like bows, arrows, and helmets.

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  5. Chess King

    For all those brainy users out there, Chess is the best game to enjoy your smartness. Traditional board games are out of fashion now. Now you won’t need to arrange the pieces to start the game, neither search for the lost pieces. Chess King is a digital version of this classic game available for Android Users. This game will require you to formulate your moves and plan your strategies.

    This game has 4 modes –

    Chess Game Against Computer – This app allows you to play against AI. You can set the difficulty level according to your level of expertise.

    Chess Game Against Local Players – You can also play with local players. Chess King will automatically set up a match with other players in your locality.

    Chess Game Against Online Players – This mode allows you to challenge players from across the globe. You will be linked with other players who are on the server.

    Chess Game Against Friends – You can also add friends in your friend list and invite them to lock horns in this game of brains.

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  6. Tic Tac Toe Free

    This is another classic from our childhood days. Also known as zero and cross. The traditional version of this game required a pen and paper. But now you can use it on both Android and iOS devices. The app is light weighing and doesn’t require any high-end specifications.

    Two players can use the same device, or connect two devices to play the game over Wi-Fi or mobile data. Also, you can play against AI if you are alone and looking to pass some time. This app also saves the game if you exit it with an unfinished game.

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  7. Dual

    Dual is a simple and compact app available for both Android and iOS. The game has very simple gameplay, all you need to do is shoot at your opponent from your screen, and the impact will be shown on the screen of the opponent. There are three modes available – DUEL, DEFLECT, and DEFEND.

    You can connect with your friends via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. In the DUEL mode, you will have to shoot your opponent and dodge his attacks by moving the phone to dodge it. In the DEFEND mode, team up with your friend and defend your team against the attacks by enemies. DEFLECT mode is about steering and maneuvering the ball thrown by your opponent to score a point. To unlock defend and deflect modes, one of the players must have the paid version of this app. The cost of the premium version is about $3.

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