Can Teachers(Host) See Who You Pin on Google Meet?

Can Teachers(Host) See Who You Pin on Google Meet?

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We all heard about Google Meet, a video conferencing platform for everyone that can be used from anywhere to arrange meetings. It has become a popular tool because of the pandemic, especially to the teachers and students as there is no chance to attend school in person.

Millions of people use Google Meet to connect with their friends, families and business works. Google Meet made it possible to share our valuable thoughts and see each other even in this crucial time. A virtual environment has been created for teachers and students to progress education through Google Meet. So, it is important to know all the technical things about this tool and how you can use its different features.

Google Meet has been one of the most popular apps to have video meetings ever since this whole chaos started. And ever since Google made the service available to everyone, even people with a free Google account, instead of just G Suite users, its popularity soared even higher.

What’s Google Meet?

Google Meet is the video and chat service that powers Google hangouts. While this is meant to be a way for you and your team to communicate and manage projects remotely, it’s a pretty handy tool to keep track of any kind of work. You can think of it as a private chat with your candidates in a virtual room.

When it comes to video, this is the platform of choice. It’s the only platform that supports exclusive video live with a simple and easy interface, and it’s consistently ranked as the top mobile video platform with so many cool features. The benefit of using Google Meet as your video conference system is that all your participants can join at the same time using this service.

How to pin someone on Google Meet?

The process of pinning someone during an ongoing meeting is simple. Firstly, you have to join or start a new meeting. After joining all the participants, you will see a profile icon in the top right corner. By clicking here, you will be able to see the list of all the participants of this meeting. Now, hold the mouse cursor on the person’s profile picture you want to pin. The pin icon will be visible to you and simply click on it. That’s it.

No matter whatever happened at the meeting, the pinned profile will be visible on your screen until you unpin it manually or leave the meeting.

Can The Host See Who You Pin On Google Meet?

The biggest question that arises is, “Can The Host see who you pin on Google Meet?” The answer is no. No one can see whom you pinned in the meeting. This feature is highly private and maintains the high-level privacy of the user. You can pin whoever you wish to pin on Google Meet meetings. Though the host has control over all the things that happened at a Google Meet meeting, he can’t see or know whom you pinned.

Pinning someone is not a big issue. If you want to pin somebody who seems important to you and you don’t want to miss any kind of information from him, you can pin him undoubtedly. So, teachers can’t know who the students have pinned on the meeting.

Is It Safe To Pin On Google Meet?

There’s a lot of buzz about the profile you pinned that will be visible to all participants of your meeting. But on one in the meeting, not even the host will know about the profile you pinned. If you are in an online class, the teacher will have more influence than anyone in the class as he/she is the host of the meeting. Even your teacher cannot see whom you pinned. So, you don’t have to worry about this matter. From now on, you can pin anyone in the meeting safely.

Can you pin multiple profiles at the same time?

The answer is negative. No function says you can pin more than one person at the same time on a particular meeting. If you pin someone and try to pin another person at the same time, the initial pinned profile will be unpinned automatically. By pinning, you can focus on a specific person and concentrate on him/her.


The differences that were available in Google Meet and other video conferencing applications were simply too great to ignore. Thus, having a video conference with Google Meet has already become a great way of keeping in touch with your teachers and attend their classes, while getting all the necessary help to solve whatever problems arise when you are studying.