Top 7 Sites to Watch Korean Drama Online with English Sub

Top 7 Sites to Watch Korean Drama Online with English Sub

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Korean drama is a breed of television dramas from South Korea with viewers and fans from everywhere across the planet. The popularity of the show was partly fanned from the Korean Wave during the 1990s, a trend that saw the popularization of South Korean culture throughout the planet. In today’s post, we look at some of the most popular Korean drama sites for watching Korean drama online (with English subs where possible) and a few of the newer Korean dramas you can watch on those platforms.  When the world had become obsessed with English TV shows and daily soaps, Korean Drama created an entrance. It stole the spotlight, and this wave swept across North America and all of Asia and other continents, gaining immense appreciation. The urge to watch Korean drama online became natural among lovers.

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Why people love to watch Korean drama

The shows are famous for portraying love stories with emotions that are intensified; it leads to viewers. One of a kind content and the plot have helped it’s currently gaining popularity among the youth, and viewers interested in love stories. The epic twists and turns indicate Korean drama is, which in turn keeps the audience — the urge to uncover what’s going to happen next to the makes users watch drama online. As the trend to watch Korean drama online became popular among teenagers, Korean drama lovers attempt to receive the highest quality viewing. And for Korean drama fans who are not able to get proper access due to the area they reside in these shows, we have a solution. There are lots of Korean drama sites that allow access to their library of TV shows. But today we gathered Top 7 Sites to Watch Korean Drama Online with English Sub.

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Top 7 best kdrama sites

DramaFire Korean Drama website

DramaFire Korean Drama website

This is a great website for watching online all the latest Korean dramas. This site also has a category for Japanese dramas and Asia dramas in HD quality. Almost every drama comes with English subtitles and HD quality.  The site has some advertise, but it’s free, and you can always use Adblocker.

VIKI Rakuten


Viki-Rakuten Korean Drama website

Viki-Rakuten Korean Drama website

This internationally accepted drama website is considered one of the most top-rated sites to watch Korean drama online. VIKI has an enormous library, and its plot explained so users can get an idea.  VIKI Rakuten also includes its app that’s available for Android and iOS so you can access your shows from anywhere. Meaning you can watch Korean drama online from any system which supports their program.

As the website provides gives users an opportunity to view Korean drama with VIKI is preferred by Korean drama fans. You can either use these (subtitles) or turn them off.

They play between shows, though there have been many complaints concerning the number of advertisements. However, despite this minor setback, VIKI Rakuten is a user-friendly site that is accessed by viewers to watch Korean Drama online.

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dramafever Korean Drama website

dramafever Korean Drama website

Dramafever provides you with tons of Korean dramas. This drama site provides viewers with a vast library of Kdrama shows to watch from. It hosts shows from Japan and China; it is simple to watch drama online for free here.

It also provides subtitles for every video, like where the resolution would you prefer to look at their videos while this drama site has all of the essentials an online streaming site has. Meaning you can watch Korean play online with English subtitles at no cost on this site. does have a drawback; you cannot download videos from their site; you can just view them.

But no issues there is another way around this obstacle. Just go to (another Korean drama site ), and you’ll be able to get your hands on your favorite Korean dramas.

It boasts plenty of movies, series, and shows from China and Japan as well. If you’re looking for more features or fewer ads, you may need an upgrade to the premium account.

dramanice Korean Drama website

dramatic Korean Drama website

This Korean drama website hosts a collection of videos of Korean Dramas that are different. There is a mixture of Kdramas that is old and new ones, all of which have subtitles in Korean and English. Meaning you can watch play online with English subtitles.

Since there are regular interruptions by announcements and advertisements, you may dislike this Korea play website. But as soon as you become a little regular in watching shows that are Korean, it will stop, and you can enjoy viewing.

Dramanice has a user interface, with a background that is pink and white. So if you would like to watch Korean play online, then use Dramanice!

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netflix- Korean Drama website

netflix- Korean Drama website

How can we forget the streaming website that everybody wants access to? Netflix accounts for satisfying over half of the people’s addiction to TV shows and films. At a price tag, although this entertainment giant today allows users to watch play online.

This site hosts films and TV shows from all over the world.

So if you’re willing to pay a substantial amount for a subscription fee on a basis, we would suggest that you opt for Netflix. However, given there are a limited number of Korean drama to choose. Paid subscription but also has the free trial.

New Asian TV

New Asian TV Korean Drama website

New Asian TV Korean Drama website

This Korean drama website is recommended by viewers as it has just as the title suggests. But that’s only one reason New Asian TV is one of the best kdrama to be viewed by sites, this site also has a set of dramas that are un-popular and all the famous, whether it be Korean drama, drama or Chinese. That means you can watch Korean drama online.

This drama site includes a simple user interface that enables viewers to choose. Or viewers can just simply go to the search bar on the site and try to find.

Viewers can watch their Kdramas and also explore new and unique ones due to the library’ New Asian Television’ possesses. The problem is that there might be a conflict regarding whether its IP address, due to particular reasons its IP address isn’t available in every region of the planet due to which it may be inaccessible in many cases.

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mydramalist Korean Drama website

dramatist Korean Drama website

Mydramalist is among the biggest social networks for fans interested in Asian drama, such as Korean drama, Japanese drama, and Chinese play.  This drama website doesn’t function like a streaming site but has its sort of design. With the release of trailers of dramas, the site keeps you updated and on your toes, eager to watch shows.

It is still preferred by many Kdrama fans Even though there are websites given the fact that this online streaming site is free of malware while downloading.


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