The Best Apps for Golfers in 2020

The Best Apps for Golfers in 2020

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Living, as we do, in the digital era, it’s now possible to find mobile apps for every type of sport, hobby or activity. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise to learn that there are hundreds of apps out there that can help you take your golf game to the next level, whether you are just stepping on to the green for the first time or have more than a few swings under your belt.

Golf is one of those sports that brings up a lot of data and results to track, so why not take advantage of the accessibility and connectivity of your smartphone to help you with this?

If your goal is to get as good as 2020 Masters favourite, Brooks Koepka this year, then these are the apps for you.


Anyone who’s ever played a game of golf knows just how fiddly those tiny pencils and miniature pads of paper can be, and they always end up being a distraction from the game. That’s where this app will come in handy – just open it, fill in your details as you go and put your attention where it needs to be.

mScorecard is quick and easy to use, and we like its no-frills, utilitarian interface. It’s free to use, but if you want to download your data you’ll need to pay for a subscription.


18Birdies packs a lot into its digital interface. This app is a stats tracker, tee time booker, rangefinder, GPS tracker, and even a social network (although the jury’s out on just how useful that particular feature is). It’s an app of all trades that will benefit both new and more regular golfers alike.

You will need either an email address or Facebook account to sign in to the app, but it’s rare these days to find someone without at least one of those. Features like stats tracking and GPS tracking are available to use in the free mode, but extra features are only available in the $9.99 monthly subscription.


This app is one of the most downloadable apps in both the iOS and Android app stores, and for good reason. Whereas most GPS apps are more focused on location tracking, GolfLogix allows users to see their selected green in 3D, with topographic and in-depth maps just like a video game or simulation. Advanced features include things like Putt Breaks, for accurate ball tracking, close-ups of your chosen green, and fully interactive maps.

Most of the more advanced features are only unlockable with a subscription, however, so it’s probably only a good investment for the more advanced golfers among you than newbies. At present, the app has details of around 8,000 different greens in countries all over the world in its database, but not all of the features will be available at each course.