Master of the Midlanes: Chovy’s Signature Play Style Explored

Master of the Midlanes: Chovy’s Signature Play Style Explored

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In League of Legends, the mid lane is arguably one of the trickiest lanes to master. If you’re a complete beginner, you’ll struggle to do well here. Even more experienced players can fall short in the mid lane if they haven’t cut their teeth with a variety of champions. Unsurprisingly, it takes a special kind of esports athlete to make waves in the mid lane.

Today, few mid laners are as celebrated as Jeong “Chovy” Ji-hoon. Currently part of the Gen.G Esports roster, this South Korean star is arguably one of the best in the field. What makes him so special? Read on to discover more about Chovy’s signature play style and how you can put some of his go-to techniques into practice yourself.

What Makes Chovy So Special?

Some detractors are quick to dismiss Chovy as being overhyped. While he might be relatively new to competitive play compared to some of his South Korean peers, his talent in the mid lane is impossible to deny. While Chovy is known to farm heavily during the early stages of a game, he comes into his own later on. His creep score is consistently high, meaning this player is never short on gold to purchase expensive mid lane items. Want to make a killing in the mid lane yourself? Below are some handy tips that even a rookie can implement.

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Why Map Awareness Matters

As a mid laner, you need to be constantly looking for opportunities to assist your allies and get those kills in. As such, map awareness is a must. This is one skill area that every player, no matter what their role is, should be prioritizing. To make life easy, be sure to enable pings and actively react to them. What’s more, opt for the largest map display possible.

Work On Your Creep Score

It’s no secret that items for mid laners cost a considerable amount of gold. If you want to keep your inventory well-stocked, you’ll need to be killing plenty of creeps. You’ll want to master last-hitting techniques to ensure your champion is always pocketing as much gold as possible. However, avoid using too much mana to unleash your abilities on the enemy. Some champions are better picks for the mid lane than others. Orianna, a favorite of Chovy’s, boasts abilities that can be used for last-hitting purposes. What’s more, her abilities won’t drain your mana reserves. Always be on the lookout for creep score and farming opportunities. Chovy’s creep score statistics are legendary, with his farming often accounting for more than a quarter of his entire team’s efforts.

Make Time for Roaming

If you want to make an impact, you’ll need to roam the map regularly. Before you even think about roaming, make sure you push minion waves toward the enemy’s tower. If you don’t, you’re leaving your own tower vulnerable. Next, check the location of your teammates. Ideally, you’ll want to avoid heading to a different lane if allied champions can’t follow or won’t be much help to you if they do.

The best time to roam is immediately after landing the killing blow on an enemy laner. Once you’ve done this, they won’t be able to counter you. What’s more, the enemy won’t be able to push minor waves in the direction of your tower while you’re off somewhere else.

Use Warding to Boost Map Presence

Every League of Legends player should have a firm handle on warding. However, warding can be particularly useful for mid laners. Using Control Wards early on in the game is a good idea if you’re looking to protect yourself and allied junglers. However, it’s worth placing wards across the map whenever you again. By removing the fog of war, you’ll maintain excellent vision, giving you a defensive advantage and making it easier to spot potential opportunities.