How To Unblur Course Hero Documents: A Step-by-Step Guide

How To Unblur Course Hero Documents: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Course Hero, an online educational platform that helps students from across the world to access millions of study resources, course notes, getting homework help, preparing for tests, etc. You can learn different interesting things from the expert tutors on Course Hero.

Students need professional educator’s help to do their homework and assignments sometimes. They may have to solve critical problems where they need help. Course Hero is one of the best choices for those who need a helping hand when solving a problem related to their subject.

But Course Hero is not a free platform. You have to purchase a subscription and unlock their premium services. Most of the students don’t prefer to pay heavy Course Hero subscription fees for getting solutions. Because you may have to pay $40 per month or more to get their services.

But, how can we unblur Course Hero documents for free? Well, stop worrying about this because we are going to provide you with the solutions. There are many ways how you can unblur Course Hero documents. We will discuss both official and unofficial methods to unblur a Course Hero document.

What is Course Hero?

Course Hero is a leading online learning platform that helps students from all across the world to get help in their school subjects. The course content is completely free way. Course Hero offers tutors who can help you in every phase of the learning process. They not only answer the questions and solve your problem but also share their valuable experience in their library. The most important advantage of course Hero is that you can use the existing notes or paper that help you in your studies. This means you can prepare your assignments from your notes and answer the question before reading them. The best part is you don’t even need to read the book to get the answer to the question.

Course Hero Benefits

As a first of its kind in the education industry, Course Hero has a unique advantage over the traditional form of tutors. It provides personalized tutoring in an interactive way where the student and tutor work in tandem to help each other in their studies. The process of creating a learning plan is very easy and convenient. You can set an appointment or pick a free session for a full-fledged one. The more you improve your academic performance, the more features you will get from the platform. You can access homework and studying tips from the Course Hero. It has an extensive collection of academic textbooks and e-books to enable you to enhance your learning abilities. Learn how to un-blur Course Hero documents with this helpful guide.

Why do you need to unblur Course Hero documents?

Course Hero has changed the way of sharing and getting knowledge. They provide you with online education help. But it charges fees to use their services. So, if you are a free user, you may not access all their resources. If you need professional help to remove the blurring of Course Hero documents, then you should know the steps that you need to follow to make it possible. View your Course Hero documents Before we get into the next step, we must see what exactly we are talking about. You must know that all the courses offered by Course Hero are tied with ID proof. So, to unlock any of your course documents, you must know your identity proof. It is required to know your identity proof to freeway your courses. How to View Course Hero Documents: First of all, you must sign in with your Identity proof like a driving license, passport, PAN card, Aadhar card, or even your bank account and date of birth. Then, you can browse your documents by clicking the ‘View Documents’ button.

How to Unblur Documents on Course Hero

Course Hero is the most professional and reliable platform for students. It is also the most successful. For the same reason, students choose Course Hero over all other search engines. With the help of this platform, students can find their special courses to do their homework and assignments.

There are both official and unofficial ways to unblur a Course Hero document. If you follow the official way, you will be able to unblur documents. You can do it by uploading original content or getting a subscription. If you have the copyright of a document and it is not a plagiarised document, after uploading it you can unblur the document.

Purchasing a subscription is the best way you can unblur any kind of document and access all their resources.

There are other ways how you can unblur a Course Hero Document for free. A course document can be unblurred using inspect and plugins. If we talk about inspecting, then all you need t do is visit-

  1. Course Hero website from a browser.
  2. Highlight the blurred content.
  3. Right-click and tap on ‘inspect’.
  4. Goto Window and find ‘div’ tag.
  5. Right-click on the tag and tap on ‘Edit Attribute
  6. Type in ‘none’ for the new ‘class’ element.

And then refresh the page.

You can do it from your IOS/Android device also. For this, go to settings and select ‘Battery’. Select ‘Low power mode’ and then go to ‘General’. There you have to select ‘Background app refresh’ and inside it select ‘WIFI/mobile data’. This process works for both Apple and Android users.


The best way to do an assignment is to work on your own. However, when you are presented with a difficult issue that you cannot solve alone, get help from Course Hero and ask an expert professional to help you solve the problem. It will save you tons of time and effort.