How to Make Online Games on Windows

How to Make Online Games on Windows

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Online games can be addictive. Sometimes, you may play until you get tired of a game. At that time, knowledge of how to make online games on windows may be a savior. All you need is a windows computer, strong internet connectivity, and a creative mind. Creativity is the most important ingredient here.

One of the most common phrases searched in Google is online casino games. When the phrase ‘online casino games’ is mentioned, a number of software providers come to mind. Microgaming, Playtech, Netent, and Betsoft among others have done a gone job in building games punters use to make money. The question is; is it possible for you to make an online casino game(s) on windows? Yes, it is.

The first thing you need to do is contact a software provider. Apart from the aforementioned, Quickspin, Evolution Gaming and GameART are also reputable providers. Once you have the software, you will need to reach out to Softgamings. The platform allows you to create an online casino.

There is so much needed in building an online casino including licenses. Another important thing to work on is finding a trusted payment channel. In many cases, VISA, Paypal, Payoneer, and many other popular brands are used.

Many online casino games in India are built by individuals and not companies. The individuals combine technical knowledge and creativity to come up with games that attract millions of punters.

If you would like to create your own online game you can also do this with many programs for Windows OS. Below are some of the programs you may use to make games on windows.





Creating a game with Scratch is free and easy. You do need any programming language to get started. Below is a guide on making online games using Scratch.

  1. Search “Scratch” on your browser.
  2. Select the Scratch official website.
  3. Once the site opens, you may choose to create a user profile by selecting the Join button on the bar at the top of your screen.
  4. Then, select ‘Create’ on the top of the screen. Scratch will lead you to a work board from where you can make a game.
  5. This is where creativity comes in. There are two workspaces. One on the left is a blank page where you will select your game character. Between the left and right blank spaces are instructions to guide the character into action.
  6. When you select your game character, he/she/it will appear on the left space. Select the instruction you want the character to obey and drag it to the right space. The instructions are listed in categories including; motion, sounds, direction, loops and many more.
  7. Arrange the commands in the order you wish them to be followed. Be as creative as possible.
  8. Once your game is ready, you may play or save it. At the top of your screen is a space to title your game.



Inform7 is a game making programming language. Although it uses English, some instances will require you to know the basics of computer programming. The best news is; building a game with Inform7 is as simple as in the steps below.

  • Search Inform7 online
  • Start inform7
  • Again, start the “New project”
  • Two panes will appear. The tab bearing panes will be your workspace.
  • This is the point to bring in your creativity.
  • Make your game by writing your commands on the tabs.


Inform7 helps game thirsty individuals make fiction games that are interactive and thrilling. The engaging games can be hard to make at the beginning. That should not worry you a bit. It requires a little patience. With time, you’ll master the art. Just practice!





This is another simple way to make thrilling games. It allows you to even share and trade your game. Here’s the guide to making a game with GameGuru.

  • Search GameGuru online.
  • Download the program and install it on your windows computer.
  • Open the program and a blank page will appear.
  • Again, creativity starts here. GameGuru is a good program to make action games.
  • Adjust the background to your liking.
  • Then, select the characters you wish and place them on top of the background.
  • Top left is a toolbox with all you need to adjust locations and the setting of your game. There are so many tools to enhance game appearance. The tools allow you to personalize your game and give it a happy, sad, angry or whichever feel you like.

GameGuru also gives you a chance to adjust your game setting to your liking. For example, cartoons, a city setting, a rural setting and many more.



This is another program used in creating interactive fiction and adventurous games. What do you need to start? The first step is searching StoryNexus online. Then, select the official page. Create and save your game.

Interactive fiction has been around for quite some time now. This is a great opportunity to relive the past. Creating a game with StoryNexus requires a good storyline from you.





Yoyo Games is the developer of GameMaker. This platform gives game enthusiasts an opportunity to create 2D games. The user-friendly software allows you to build a game within minutes. It has a free trial and is easy to learn.

For a programmer, using GameMaker is easier. The software gets more technical as you develop your game. The amazing thing is; it is possible to learn as you build. Once done, you can export your creativity to Windows.



Unity is an amazing development platform offering both gamers and non-gamers an opportunity to develop their own game. With Unity, you may build your game either for playing or commercial purposes. It’s your choice to make. The program is also user-friendly and easy to learn.



Technology has gotten us to a point where anyone can do anything. With basic programming skills or no skill at all, one is still able to build online games on windows by themselves. The most important tool needed to build an exciting game is creativity. Other requirements are internet connectivity and a windows pc. It also requires practice and patience as some programs will need you to learn as you go. Enjoy your creation!