What Are Some Common Mac Issues You May Encounter?

What Are Some Common Mac Issues You May Encounter?

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Despite their reliability, Macbooks are not without faults. You are more than likely to encounter an issue or two in the time you use these computers. And these issues start to appear after you have had the computer for a couple of years.

Sure, a lot depends on how much effort owners put into maintaining their Macs in good condition, but some technical problems are more or less inevitable. It is more about knowing how to deal with them.

And while the option to purchase a brand new Macbook is there, you can overcome the situation without investing so much money.

This article will cover the most common Macbook issues that you may encounter and provide solutions. Continue reading and memorize the information so that you know how to act when the Mac starts to underperform.

Issue #1 – Inability to Sync Clouds

Creating data backups regularly is a good piece of advice. However, you may find that the computer is not responsive all the time and that there are issues trying to sync files on your device. You could be seeing a message on how this mac can’t connect to icloud because of a problem with email, password, or the Apple ID.

Thankfully, the problem is quite common, and there are multiple solutions to it. Start with restarting your computer. If that does not help, check if the internet connection is working properly.

It may be that the Apple servers are down. You can check the server status on the official Apple website.

In case the issue persists, you may need to change your Apple ID and password, remove Library settings and preferences, or even reinstall the operating system.

The situation is bothersome, but you should still do the best to iCloud syncing. Having data backups ensures that you can access it even if something happens and wipes the Macbook’s data.

Issue #2 – Overheating and Loud Fan Noises

If you cannot take the loud internal fan noises and overheating, get yourself a cooling pad. The accessory is quite cheap and will provide the computer with a source of cool air.

At the same time, it would be wise to remove the dust and dirt that has accumulated inside the laptop over time. If you are not confident enough to do the work yourself, take the Mac to a computer service store and pay the staff to remove the dust and dirt for you.

Issue #3 – Interferences With Wi-Fi

When you use wireless internet, certain issues are bound to appear. If it takes too long for a website to load or a file to download, you may need to check on your internet connection.

Start ith calling the ISP. If they say that everything is fine on their end, try to look for a cause at your place.

Check for third-party peripherals that may be interfering with the wireless connection. Devices like microwaves and wireless printers may be jamming the signal and make it harder for it to reach your Macbook.

In such cases, you will need to take the modem and the computer away from third-party peripherals.

Issue #4 – Spinning Beach Ball

The spinning beach ball that appears now and then may not be the most pressing matter, but it can get quite annoying.

Some of the best ways to deal with the spinning beach ball include:

  • decluttering the Macbook’s desktop
  • removing old applications
  • closing unnecessary background processes
  • adding extra RAM
  • scanning and removing malware-infected files

Issue #5 – Lack of Drive Storage

Freeing up the computer’s drive space happens to be one of the best ways to improve the overall performance and avoid potential problems.

However, when it comes to Macbooks, their hard drives or solid-state drives do not provide the most amount of storage.

You will need to keep tabs on temporary junk and other unnecessary files and remove them regularly. Transferring data to external storage devices and cloud services helps as well. Finally, instead of keeping media files on the computer’s disk, why not use streaming services for your media needs?

Issue #6 – Flickering Screen

A flickering screen may become an issue after you install the most recent OS update. While installing OS updates is recommended, some of them are known to cause problems now and then.

As for the flickering screen issue, it is usually the result of incompatibility between the GPU and the operating system version. Hotfixes appear quite fast, but if you cannot stand to deal with the flickering screen, switch back to the previous OS version and see if that helps.

Issue #7 – Lackluster Internet Browser Performance

A lackluster internet browser performance is not necessarily the result of your computer system. You might have installed too many extensions and add-ons or forgot to remove the cache. The two causes are the most common, and taking care of them tends to improve one’s internet browsing experience.