Squares – One of the most common shapes we deal with

Squares – One of the most common shapes we deal with

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Shapes are an integral part of not only our subjects but also of our real life. Everyone has to study shapes as they are present all around us. It becomes crucial for us to understand and solve problems related to these shapes. There are many different shapes that we observe in our daily life. One of the most common amongst all is square. Let us discuss a few of the crucial concepts related to squares, such as the perimeter of square and few other properties related to them.

Properties of a square

  • Before we start discussing the perimeter of the square, it is critical to have an understanding of the shape of the square. It is a shape that consists of a total of four sides and four corners. One of the crucial properties of square is that all four sides of the square are equal in length. Thus, if we know one side of the square, we are knowing all the other sides also, as they all are equal. Not only are all the sides equal to each other, but also opposite sides are parallel to each other.
  • All the angles in a square are equal to ninety degrees. That is, every side is perpendicular to the other joining side. A square can also be defined in terms of a rectangle. A square is said to be a rectangle, where opposite sides are not of different lengths but are of the same length. The diagonals of a square always bisect each other at ninety degrees only. Both the diagonals of the square are always equal to each other. One point to keep note of about the diagonals of a square is that they are always larger in length when compared to the sides of the square. Apart from these properties, the area and perimeter of a square are also of great importance, let us discuss them.
  • To find the area of a square, we need to know any one of the sides of a square. Once we know any one of the sides, we will get the area easily. To get the area of the square, we multiply any one of the sides by its own, that is if a is one of the sides of the square given to us. Then the area of the square will be a*a or a^2. Thus, knowing one of the sides is essential for calculating the area of a square.

The perimeter of square

Square is one of those shapes whose perimeter is easiest to find. If we know any one of the sides of the square, then also we can find the perimeter of the square. To find the perimeter of a square, a person needs to add the length of all the four sides of the square, but we know that all the sides are of equal length. Thus, we can multiply any one side of the square by 4. Therefore, if a square is having one of the sides as x, then the perimeter of the square is given by 4x. Hence, we can easily find the perimeter of any square if we know at least one side of it.


In the above article, we have gone through many different properties of a square. Every child should be able to identify whether a shape is square or not and solve problems related to it. They can take help from online platforms; in case they face difficulty in understanding the concepts related to mathematics. One of the best online platforms to guide students in the right direction is Cuemath. It helps students in grasping the concept easily.