How to Convert AXS to Terra? – TOP 5 Advices

How to Convert AXS to Terra? – TOP 5 Advices

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Terra is a project to create stablecoins pegged to fiat currencies.

As you know, cryptocurrency instruments represent fake rate fluctuations that cause their propagation time in the means of making payments and other Exchange AXS to Terra. Many potential users simply do not offer to receive payments in currency, the exchange rate of which changes by 10-20% per day.

Terra solves this problem by using elastic monetary policy to create stable tokens that are pegged to various fiat currencies. The project team recognizes that stabilization alone is not enough for mass distribution.

Currencies have a network effect. Consumers will not be using the near-new currency. Sellers, in turn, are not motivated to accept currency that almost no one uses. This is one of the main obstacles to the spread of bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies as a means of payment.

Terra Protocol believes that elastic monetary policy is the key to the stability of the cryptocurrency, and reliable fiscal policy will contribute to its diffusion. To do this, they have developed an efficient fiscal spending regime based on the Terra Treasury, where many incentive programs compete for funding. Participants’ proposals are evaluated by the rest of the ecosystem and if funding is approved. All this is done to increase the distribution and create new areas of use for stablecoins. The project has already spread thanks to cooperation with the South Korean CHAI system, which has 2 million users.

LUNA token

LUNA is Terra’s own token used in staking. Thus, LUNA is the centerpiece of the Terra network and ecosystem.


The primary goal of LUNA is to secure the network by staking assets. Staking participants expose themselves to the risks of rate volatility, but are rewarded for their services with new tokens.

Staking rewards are distributed among the network validators, who take a small commission than are passed on to individual delegates. The amount of the reward is determined by the size of the user in the total amount of staking assets. It also grows along with the activity on the network, as it is partially paid from transaction fees.

Terra Luna – rocket launch to the moon again soon?

After a strong rally in growth, a logical correction began. At first, it was smooth, where those who were more cunning were selling out, and during the fall in May, the correction became just vertical downward. As a result, the price of LUNAUSDT corrected by -82% from the maximum. Read more info here:

How to exchange Terra for Axie Infinity

Are you looking for an exchanger to exchange cryptocurrencies at the best rates? Our platform provides an opportunity to exchange Terra for Axie Infinity. Our LUNA for AXS exchanger offers the opportunity to buy crypto coins with maximum profit. Our online exchanger LUNA for AXS chooses the most convenient exchange rate, the whole exchange process is completely transparent, and clients are not required to provide confidential information.

How to exchange LUNA for AXS?

  • To exchange Terra for Axie Infinity, you need to go to the exchange page:
  • On the transaction page, select the coin you want to sell and the number of coins.
  • Specify the cryptocurrency for purchase.
  • Copy the wallet address for cryptocurrency crediting.
  • Next, deposit funds for the exchange.

A special tool will select the most profitable LUNA to AXS exchange offers and the transaction will be completed.