How to Archive Orders and View Archived Orders on Amazon App

How to Archive Orders and View Archived Orders on Amazon App

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When you make a lot of purchases on Amazon, your Orders page can quickly become cluttered with past orders. Luckily, the Amazon app allows you to archive orders to clear up this clutter while still letting you view the details of archived orders.

In this guide, I’ll explain how to archive Amazon orders using the mobile app on both iOS and Android devices. I’ll also cover how to view and search your archived order history.

Why Archive Amazon Orders?

Here are some of the key benefits of archiving past Amazon orders in the mobile app:

  • Clean up your Orders page by hiding older purchases
  • Quickly find recent orders without scrolling through everything
  • Refer back to order details of archived orders when needed
  • Look at your order history by time period based on when you archived
  • Avoid accidental re-orders of purchases you’ve made before
  • Keep meaningful orders easily accessible while tucking away others

Basically, archiving helps organize your order history while preserving access to order information.

How to Archive an Amazon Order on Mobile

Archiving orders on the Amazon app only takes a few taps:

  1. Open the Amazon app and tap the hamburger menu in the top left.
  2. Select “Your Orders”.
  3. Find the order you want to archive and tap on it.
  4. Tap the “Archive order” link at the top.
  5. Confirm you want to archive the order by tapping “Archive” again.

The order will now only be visible in your Archived Orders and not on your main Orders page.

Steps to View Archived Amazon Orders

To view your archived orders on the Amazon mobile app:

  1. Open the hamburger menu and tap “Your Orders”
  2. Select “Archived Orders” at the top of the screen
  3. This will display a list of all your archived orders
  4. Tap into any order to see the complete details
  5. Tap the back arrow to return to the Archived Orders list

So with just a couple quick taps, you can access the full information for any of your archived orders.

How to Search Archived Amazon Orders

You can also easily search for specific archived orders:

  1. Follow steps 1-2 above to go to Archived Orders
  2. Tap the search bar at the top of the screen
  3. Type in keywords like the order number, date, product name, etc.
  4. Relevant archived orders will display in the search results
  5. Tap into any order from the results to see the details

Searching makes finding a specific past order quick and simple.

Tips for Managing Archived Amazon Orders

Here are some useful tips for effectively managing archived orders:

  • Archive older orders periodically to maintain a clean Orders page
  • Add important notes or details before archiving for future reference
  • Search archived orders by date range to analyze buying behaviors
  • Favorite/label significant purchases you may want to re-order
  • Refer back to archived orders to compare prices or product info
  • Set reminders to periodically review and clean up old archived orders

Can You Reactivate Archived Amazon Orders?

Unfortunately, there is no way to move an order back out of archived status on the mobile app. However, you can view all the order details as described above.

If you really needed to reactivate an archived order for some reason, you would need to do so on the Amazon website, not the mobile app. But in most cases, just accessing the archived order info is sufficient.


Archiving orders is a great way to organize your Amazon purchase history on the mobile app. By archiving older orders, you can reduce clutter and more easily view recent purchases. If you need to look up details on an archived order, you can quickly search and view it with just a couple taps. Use archiving to keep your Amazon Orders nice and tidy!


Q1: How do I archive an order on the Amazon app? A1: Tap into the order, tap ‘Archive order’ at the top, then confirm by tapping ‘Archive’ again.

Q2: Where do I find my archived orders in the Amazon app? A2: Tap ‘Your Orders’ in the menu, then select ‘Archived Orders’ at the top of the screen.

Q3: Can I archive an order on the Amazon website? A3: No, you can only archive orders in the Amazon mobile app, not on the website.

Q4: What happens when I archive an Amazon order? A4: Archiving removes the order from Your Orders and puts it in Archived Orders for future reference.

Q5: How many orders can I archive on the Amazon app? A5: There is no limit, you can archive as many past orders as you like to organize your history.

Q6: Can I search for a specific archived order?
A6: Yes, tap into Archived Orders, use the search bar to search keywords like date or product.

Q7: Do archived orders expire or get deleted? A7: No, archived orders are kept indefinitely until you manually delete them.

Q8: Why can’t I reactivate an archived order? A8: The Amazon app doesn’t allow reactivating orders, but you can still view the details.

Q9: Do archived orders still count towards my Amazon purchase history? A9: Yes, archiving just organizes your past orders but doesn’t remove them from your account history.

Q10: Can I archive an order again after unarchiving it? A10: Yes, you can archive, unarchive, and re-archive orders as many times as you want.