Best Android Apps

Best Android Apps

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There are more than 2. 9 million apps on Google Play store, some of the apps are good apps and  some are not. We have picked out the best Android apps that you can find on Google play so you do not have to go through all of them on your own. We have picked a few apps that you can consider installing on your phone.

Comixology Comics

The application is free. I0f you are a fan of comic books over america casino games; you should get this app. Comixology Comics app is both a storefront and a long box. There are long lists of titles on the app that you can look at, also you can buy new books with a tap on the app. You can get all-you-can-read access for $5.99 per month.


The Dashlane app costs $59.99 per year. There is a password manager that will help you improve your passwords. The application has the ability to sync your passwords across your Windows, iOS devices, macOS as well as Android. You can update old passwords using this application.  There are tools such as a Dark Web scanner which is an online tool that can help you protect your identity. The Dark Web scanner looks for compromised accounts as well as a built-in VPN.


The Evernote app can be downloaded for free. The Evernote app can keep your lists, take your notes, has a voice recorder, it also has a to-do manager and a webpage clipper and takes a small space that casino français en line app. The app can be overwhelming but it is a really good app that can keep your things organised. The best feature of the app is the optical character recognition (OCR). The optical character recognition helps you search for text that is in photos. This means information that is on a picture of a business card can be searched for.

Google Drive

Google Drive is a cloud storage device that has a mobile office suite. This means you can create and edit files that are in your phone.