What are the benefits of working online?

What are the benefits of working online?

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Many companies have embraced working remotely, allowing their employees to choose whether they want to work from the office or home. Employees and employers reap rich rewards from this arrangement.

Corporations utilize messaging and emailing apps such as zoom, slack, Google meets, and skype to facilitate work-from-home policy. Working online has also created opportunities for many job seekers to join various freelancing sites. You can sell your services and skill to clients, work online, submit your work, and get paid while seated in your house. Here are some benefits of working online.

Less time wasted commuting

Commuting to work wastes lots of time with employees stuck in traffic jams for hours. The resulting frustration and fatigue reduce employees’ performance at work, affecting the company’s overall productivity.

On the other hand, working online means not needing to rush to and from work to avoid traffic. The peace of mind you attain by not worrying about catching a bus or train helps you start work early. Your productivity level will be higher than those who commute to work.

Quality family time

Balancing the work and the emotional needs of your family can be challenging if you commute to work daily. You leave home early and return late, too tired to have any meaningful conversation with your mate or children. This cycle of work, meals, and sleep robs many families of quality time.

Even if you plan to compensate for lost time at the weekends, the tide has changed with corporations requiring that employees work on the weekend. However, working online allows you more time because once you stop working at 5 p.m., you can stretch your legs as you pick up your kids from school.

You have time to make dinner with your family and enjoy it together. Furthermore, freelancing can dictate how much work to take and the time to spend on them.


Working online does not necessitate being in the office or at a specific location. You can work wherever you feel comfortable. It also means you choose when to work on a project within the stipulated time frame. If you have a laptop and internet access, you can work while enjoying your holiday; you do not need permission to travel while working.

Environmentally friendly

Since working online often means working from home, you eliminate travel and the resulting pollution. During lockdowns due to Covid -19, some countries show the blue skies after a long time because of less pollution. Working online reduces carbon footprint significantly. It also saves energy used in offices to run amenities such as lighting and air conditioning.

Healthy foods and lifestyle

Working from the office gives you limited choices about the type and quality of your food. Unless you carry packed lunch from home, you will binge on fast foods such as chips and snacks. However, working online allows you to access your kitchen and fridge, which means you can eat healthy food, vegetable, and fruits.

Working from home also allows you to break and go for a walk, stretch, or exercise. You cannot do these things in a traditional office setting unless you work for an organization with a free gym and to the spa as part of the physical wellness program. If you work online, you can leave your workstation and go for a quick run or leave work early and go for an evening walk with your pet.

Productive meetings

If you work online, you utilize meeting tools such as video and audio-conferencing calls to connect to clients and other employees wherever they are. You will spend less time in these meetings because you can share documents and comments via the meeting apps. You also do not need other participants to travel to one meeting location.

Other factors that make online meetings shorter and more productive include:

  • Limited interruptions
  • Easy access to all meeting materials
  • Minimal idle chatter

Improved productivity

Working from home also has its challenges and distractions, but you can attain higher productivity than working from the office. The time spent commuting to work is channeled to the task at hand. You do not have co-workers talking and disrupting your line of thought, thus enabling you to focus on work.

You can decide to begin work early before office time, giving you extra hours to complete your project in time. Additionally, working online enhances your knowledge and skills since you have easy unlimited access to learning materials. Knowledge enhances productivity.

Decreased chances of contracting or spreading sickness

Have you ever gone to the office feeling okay but came home in the evening with bad flu because your desk-mate had flu? If you work online, you mostly meet your colleagues online, thus minimizing the chances of contracting an ailment. During Covid-19, the working community appreciated the value of working from home as governments battled to curb the spread of the virus.

Working from home also means that you rarely come into contact with germs and polluted surfaces that could cause disease. You only deal with your surfaces which you can regularly and easily clean to stay safe.

Better work-life balance

One benefit of working online is that you have the freedom to work on what makes you happy. You can attend dance classes, walk your dog, or set other priorities in life. Working online also allows you to do chores while working. You can take a break from work to water your plants, do laundry, play a little Jackpot Capital bonus, or cook meals. It is possible to schedule for the reaction and watch a movie or sing a song when working online.

You can avoid office politics

Office politics is common for those who work in offices. You are likely to experience a hostile work environment due to competition and a personality clash. However, if you work online remotely, you are less likely to hear office gossip and politics or encounter negative energy. The result is peace of mind, unity among employees, improved productivity, and improved focus.


Working online is beneficial for employees working from home, freelancers, clients, and employers. Corporations can reduce their working space and save money spent on rent.

Employees also benefit by having the freedom to work where they are comfortable, wear what is comfortable, and dictate their working time. Instead of wasting time in frustrating traffic jams, working online gives you peace of mind and improves productivity.