Six ways to improve your game in Apex Legends, from the pros

Six ways to improve your game in Apex Legends, from the pros

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After the launch of Apex Legends, this game has become everyone’s favorite. Developers keep releasing new features and updating the old maps. With the release of a new huge map, survival in Apex Legends has become very tough.

If you are playing this game for the first time, this new map will be very challenging. To help you out with all new additions in Apex Legends, this article contains some great tips and tricks collected from Pro players. Professional players always have a better grasp on this game and understand the intricate mechanism of Apex Legends.

After playing for years, only they can tell you which strategy will work best in the world of Apex Legends. So, read this article if you want to improve your game and win more battles.

Top six tips to improve your game in Apex Legends

1.    Learn how characters move

Knowing how your character moves can help you get out of risky situations. Though, this may take some time. To survive longer in this game and attack your enemies, you need to move fast on the map while keeping yourself under covers. For that purpose, you need to move strategically.

For example, using the sliding technique will give you a speed boost. Instead of running all along, you can slide for a second, then jump, and continue sprinting. Repeating this technique every five seconds will help you cover more ground. You can also strafe while looting so that your enemies can not hit you.

2.    Pick suitable weapons

Every weapon serves a different purpose in Apex Legends. They have different strengths and specialties. Peacekeeper and R-99 are some of the best close-range guns. Charge Rifle is one of the newest additions to this game, with zero bullet drops. It is one of the strongest guns available in Apex Legends. Knowing which gun to use is also important.

Do not use your best gun at first. You need to first break your enemy’s armor and then shoot him with a close-range weapon while he is reviving. Moreover, always try to score 1,500 damage in a game. Using some of the best Apex Legends hacks will make the game more fun for you and your teammates.

3.    Close doors behind you

If you want to win battles in Apex Legends, you need to use the map properly. Most players forget to close doors behind them. It helps your enemies to attack you from behind. This can be deadly if your health bar is already low.

So, always shut the doors to ensure more safety. You can also sacrifice your weapons to secure a door in emergencies. Sitting in front of a door can also prevent your opponents from entering a space temporarily.

4.    Shields are very important

Always revive your shields instead of healing your health. Shields get recharged within three seconds, while healing will take more time. This extra time can change the whole game and make a difference between life and death.

5.    Play aggressively

When you reach the final circle, you need to play aggressively. Always stay ready for a good fight. The player with more fighting experience always wins at the end. So, gather as much knowledge as you can from battles.

It will also teach you to perform under immense pressure. So, go for brutal fights without thinking twice. Alternatively, if you are playing to improve your rank, choose your battles carefully. Only fight combats where you are confident about the victory.

6.    Be a team player

Apex Legends is a game for team players. You have to trust your team and communicate well for victories. Moving as a team will bring more success than playing as a lone wolf. The team gives you strength, so do not take your team for granted. Playing with a team with the same goals and putting the same effort works like bliss in Apex Legends.


These are the six most helpful tips which can change your whole game. To master a big game like Apex Legends, you need to be patient. To understand the game better, you can also check live streams of pro-players. Every player learns from their mistakes and becomes a seasoned player by not repeating the same.

So, keep practicing and polishing your skills. Using these tips will help you get a better grip on the map of Apex Legends and win victories over your enemies. So, keep all these points in mind while playing and see the improvements yourself.