How to Use Electrical Butt Connectors: A Quick Beginner-Friendly Guide

How to Use Electrical Butt Connectors: A Quick Beginner-Friendly Guide

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There are so many types of multi wire connectors, but butt connectors are quite easy to use and can provide you with a great practice opportunity. Even if you don’t have experience with electrical applications, with the right terminal and wire crimping tools, you can connect multiple cables together in less than 30 minutes.

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Now, let’s say you’ve used to order the needed butt connector type and want to install one, making two wires become one safe isolated cable.

How to Use Butt Electrical Multi Connectors

You will need:

  • Two wires;

  • Crimping tools;

  • Good lighting if possible;

  • Shut-down electricity;

  • Something to strip wires with.

You will do:

  1. Make sure the electricity is shut down;

  2. Strip the two wires to the needed length (so that the stripped part is fully covered with the connector);

  3. Take one wire and put it into one of the sleeves of the connector, be sure metal touches metal inside;

  4. Take a crimping tool and apply pressure to connect the metal parts together;

  5. Pull a bit to see if you squeezed enough;

  6. Do the same with the second wire – put it in the other sleeve until metal makes contact;

  7. Repeat steps 4 to 5, and if the pressure you applied wasn’t enough, crimp again;

  8. If you use heat shrink connectors, apply heat to insulate the wires properly. It’s better to use a heat gun to achieve the best effect.

That’s it, you’ll need less than half an hour to do that if you’re a beginner.

What If One of the Wires Is Smaller?

Sometimes you may need to connect two wires of a different size. While it’s very important to choose the matching size of a connector, you can crimp two different-size wires together with the butt connector suitable for the larger one. Just squeeze better, applying much more pressure on the side of the smaller wire. Make sure you work your way to the end of the sleeve on the smaller side. If the terminal is of high quality, everything will be fine as long as you’re doing every step correctly.

Remember that the setting can be your car, friend’s auto, apartment, house, office, or any other. Butt connectors serve well in automotive, industrial, marine, and other industries. There are different types as to the connection peculiarities and wire size, so make sure you buy the one you need. Remember, the toughest ones are waterproof, heat shrink butt connectors. 

There are more types of connectors like 2-pin, T-tap, plug, ring, and others, but let’s settle for the easiest one yet – a butt multi wire connector.

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