Essential Android Apps Available Right Now!

Essential Android Apps Available Right Now!

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Google Play Store is the home of lots of android apps available online today. The platform has become the go to place for many android users. On Google Play Store there is a variety of apps to choose from. You can find some for free and some that you may need to pay for just like french casinos games. All the same it’s the best option if you find yourself needing any type of application.

Weather Android App

The weather android app is one of the best apps you will find on Google Play Store. The app features an easy to use and understand interface. You get weather notifications within your area of residents for up to 12 weeks.

This apps ensures that android users stay updated with weather updates. Thus, it makes it easy for people to plan on what to wear depending on the weather updates.

Google Drive

This is another useful android app you will find on Google Play Store today. Similar to iCloud, it is a cloud storage option available for android users and best united states casinos players. On Google Drive you get up to 15GB for free to store your desired data.

This helps you to store data in a secure and convenient place that you can access from any android device by simply signing in to your drive. Moreover, even organizations now use the Google Drive application for storing stuff that the whole team can access and share.

Google Maps

The Google Maps is a free app that you can download in to your android device. With this application you never have to worry about getting lost or being stuck in a new place without directions.

The app also give you frequent updates and even access to places of interest. This is definitely the best and favourite app of many android users.



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