Download Zeal Spy APK 2020: Spyware Software Whatsapp

Download Zeal Spy APK 2020: Spyware Software Whatsapp

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Zeal Spy APK is no longer to present. As a completely free spying app, zeal spy allows you to spy on the set of activities taking place on the victim’s phone. Recall that in the past, the application was present in the Play store, but for a long time already, it no longer exists, given the exploits, it is able to accomplish.

Note: Spying on the phone that is not yours and without prior permission of the owner is a violation of privacy and therefore condemned by law. Our articles are meant to educate. We are therefore not liable for any damages you may cause by using this app for extravagant, selfish, or intent to harm others.

Zeal Spy APK 2020

Zeal Spy APK 2020

Good reason to use Zeal Spy

This application can be very useful for monitoring the activities of your children on the internet. As you certainly know, the internet has its advantages and disadvantages. For naïve kids, the web can negatively influence behavior and education. Hence the need for a parent to monitor their activities on social networks and websites visited.

For the information leak in a company, the head of the enterprise can decide to install a spy on the smartphones of its employees in order to find the culprit.

Is the app really useful in a couple? I do not believe it. Because it can do more harm than good. Indeed, Zeal spy can allow you to spy on your spouse’s phone, but this leads very regularly to divorce. Which is not a good thing for children. I speak knowingly.

The features of Zeal Spy

Like most mobile spy applications, Zeal spy can monitor the complete activity of a mobile phone. You have the opportunity to:

* Monitoring SMS exchanges

In summary, this feature allows you to have incoming and outgoing messages from your victim’s phone. Zeal Spy allows you to read the content of each SMS and gives the details on the date of sending and receiving.

There are many other functions such as geolocation, email tracking, and access to contacts or address books of the spy phone.

* Call tracing and call history.

Other tracking your incoming and outgoing calls, the software allows you to know the call history of a person spied. The information concerning the calls is pretty well detailed. The date, the hour, as well as the duration of the calls.

* Regulate calls

For this function, you must root the phone. Because the mobile spy must have the “superuser” permissions to access the micro and the voice recorder. The call recording feature provides the ability to record incoming and outgoing calls. All verbal conversations will be recorded.

* Collect conversation logs on Whatsapp.

A phone without WhatsApp, there is almost no more. You can track all conversations that have taken place on a Whatsapp account with the names, numbers, and the date and time of the different messages. It is also possible to trace group conversations.

How to Download Zeal Spy and Install it

In order to download and install the software, the phone must run on an android version greater than or equal to 2.0. For the first installation, you must insert an email address that will allow you to receive the information. I had made a video tutorial on Youtube that showed the procedure, but unfortunately, its popularity had earned him an alert and a deletion.

But with a little intuition, you will see that there is really nothing complicated. You also have the option to hide the presence of the application in the list of software installed on the android.

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